UFOs out of the ice

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UFOs out of the ice
UFOs out of the ice

UFOs from the Ice

The story: On April 30, 1945, shortly after their wedding in the "Führerbunker", Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler fled unrecognized from embattled Berlin - and escaped to South America. In the weeks and months beforehand, hundreds of SS men in U-boats had been transferred to the so-called Neuschwabenland, an Antarctic region. There the elite of the Third Reich continued their fight against the Allies and Jews, some from secret bases dug deep in the eternal ice Nazi mystic.

These last battalions of Hitler would have possessed, among other things, highly modern flying discs, which soon caused a sensation worldwide as unknown flying objects. The "leader" himself, so spread other fantasists, was nothing less than an avatar - according to Hindu tradition, the physical manifestation of a deity on earth.

After Hitler's death and the end of the Second World War, some supporters of the National Socialists evidently found no idea too cranky and crude not to give in to it. In view of Germany's devastating defeat, one might still pass it off as a sick repression mechanism from the first post-war years. But many of the Nazi myths persist in relevant circles to this day.

British historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke is credited with tracing these legends, their originators and heralds. Unfortunately, when reading the book, one occasionally notices that the author cannot escape a certain fascination for the frightening fantasies of the esoteric National Socialists. That doesn't make Goodrick-Clarke a Nazi, but it does take away the joy of a meticulously researched work.

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