Anxiety therapy: What does Bernhardt do

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Anxiety therapy: What does Bernhardt do
Anxiety therapy: What does Bernhardt do

A placebo does not make medicine

Keep panic away with autosuggestion? Think positive instead of taking pills? What the popular "Bernhardt method" is all about.

The former television journalist Klaus Bernhardt is a non-medical practitioner in Berlin and prefers to treat patients with anxiety and panic. And, as he writes in his bestseller "Getting Rid of Panic Attacks and Other Anxiety Disorders", based on the "latest findings in brain research". However, his method is largely unknown in Germany, although it brings rapid relief from all sorts of problems. And not only with anxiety disorders in the narrower sense, but also with hypochondria, burnout or problems with the cervical spine. However: According to Bernhardt, numerous therapists and conventional doctors in Germany stick to outdated methods that only "dig in childhood" and lasted far too long, sometimes years, without measurable success. Instead, people experiencing panic and anxiety attacks should encourage positive feelings and thoughts in themselves.

For this, the naturopath essentially recommends mental gymnastics based on the techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), which he calls the "10-sentence method" combined with the "5-channel technique". In short, it works like this: You write down ten sentences that describe your own "perfect life". For example "I drive a great car that makes me feel good every day" or "I cook for friends and enjoy being a good host". Now go through these sentences in your mind every day, concentrating on one of the five senses: What exactly does that look like? How does it sound? How does it taste and smell? How does it make you feel?

Such imagination exercises should anchor positive feelings in the brain, which …

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