Recreational noise causes hearing damage

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Recreational noise causes hearing damage
Recreational noise causes hearing damage

Hearing at risk

We are increasingly exposing ourselves to harmful continuous exposure to leisure noise. As a result, many young people could later develop severe hearing loss.

Our sense of hearing is a small miracle. From a chaos of superimposed sound waves that hair cells in the inner ear perceive, words and music are created in the auditory center of the brain. However, the system is sensitive to excessive noise, which in the worst case can lead to permanent silence or permanent beeping. But instead of protecting their ears as best they can, many willingly expose themselves to loud noises beyond what is good for them.

Development began in 1979 when the first Walkman was launched. The small device allowed people to take their music with them anywhere and have it streamed non-stop through headphones or earbuds. Nowadays every smartphone offers this function. According to the World He alth Organization (WHO), the number of people using headphones every day increased by 75 percent from 1990 to 2005. According to the authority, one billion young people worldwide are now at risk of hearing loss. The danger is underestimated, because the damage often only leads to noticeable problems years later…

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