Diagnostics: Speech analysis as a quick test

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Diagnostics: Speech analysis as a quick test
Diagnostics: Speech analysis as a quick test

Speech analysis as a quick test

Scientists want to use speech recognition and machine learning to detect diseases. The research is still in its infancy. But some are already dreaming of smart diagnostic systems for the home.

As the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic began to become clear in March 2020, leaders around the world asked people for help. Hospitals called on local businesses to donate masks. Researchers encouraged Covid-19 patients to donate blood plasma after their recovery. And in Israel, the Ministry of Defense and start-up Vocalis He alth asked the public for voice samples.

The speech analysis company had developed a smartphone app capable of detecting the early stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In the disease, which often affects smokers, the lungs are damaged and the airways are narrowed. The software therefore used signs of shortness of breath when speaking as clues. Now Vocalis He alth wanted to test whether Covid-19 can also be diagnosed in this way. People who tested positive for the virus were able to download the Vocalis research app for their smartphones. Once a day they opened the program and described aloud an image they saw on the screen or counted from 50 to 70…

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