Editorial Brain&Mind 1/2022

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Editorial Brain&Mind 1/2022
Editorial Brain&Mind 1/2022


Dear reader, At least two to three times a week I face the question in the morning: Do I treat myself to a coffee and then take public transport to work? Or do I get on my bike straight away, even when it's raining or cold - to reward myself not only with the long-awaited pick-me-up in the office, but also with a buttered pretzel? In fact, I almost always choose the second option: only when it's really raining cats and dogs do I refrain from tackling the 15-kilometer drive to the publishing house in a sporty manner.

I know from experience that this kind of commute and the rewards that follow make me happier. Science confirms my feeling, as Katharina Bernecker wrote in our cover story "Between fun and renunciation" (from p.12) describes. In principle, we are happier when we have the ability to self-discipline because it actually enables us to achieve long-term goals. But fun and rewards should not be neglected. Because constant self-torture not only makes you dissatisfied, but also makes it more difficult to reach the actual goal. Or to stick with my example: the buttered pretzel lifts my spirits and gives me energy until lunch.

Our author has five tips on how you can best enjoy yourself - such as planning extra time for it or defining urgencies. Then you won't be bothered by the thought that you actually have to do something else during the breaks. I personally find this point very important. To really enjoy my post-bike breakfast break, I leave early so I can get my coffee and pretzel stress-free before the first appointments of the day come up.

With this in mind, I wish you an enjoyable read

Daniel Lingenhöhl

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