Contraception: Reversible hormonal contraception for men

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Contraception: Reversible hormonal contraception for men
Contraception: Reversible hormonal contraception for men

Hormonal contraception for men reversible

Within a few months, hormonal contraception in men can be completely reversed.

Peter Liu of the University of Sydney Concord Hospital and his colleagues at the Biomedical Research Institute in Los Angeles analyzed the reports of 30 studies between 1990 and 2005. They used monthly examinations to track sperm production after stopping hormonal drugs. According to Liu and his team, after an average of three to four months, all 1,500 test subjects had a sperm concentration of at least 20 million per milliliter of ejaculate, meaning that they were fully fertile again.

In women, the pill suppresses ovulation; in men, hormone treatment with androgens or a combination of androgens and progestins reduces or prevents sperm production. The combination of progestin and testosterone, on the other hand, reduces sperm motility. Compared to the previous, rather unsafe or complex contraceptive methods for men (condom, vasectomy), the hormonally controlled sperm reduction should offer a comparatively comfortable and safe protection against unwanted pregnancies.

There are currently no preparations of this type on the market, but the first products such as hormone implants or three-month injections are expected in the next few years.

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