Summer slump today: How restful is sleeping next to your partner?

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Summer slump today: How restful is sleeping next to your partner?
Summer slump today: How restful is sleeping next to your partner?

How restful is sleeping next to your partner?

Women and men sleep better alone than next to each other. Although a man with a bedfellow rests much better than a woman in his company, his intellectual abilities are clearly limited in the morning.

Sleep researcher Gerhard Klösch examined the night rest of eight unmarried, childless couples who lived in separate apartments. They were used to sleeping alternately alone or next to their partner. In ten separate nights and ten nights together, during which the couples only rested next to each other, the researcher from the Medical University in Vienna noted the net sleep times of the man and woman. In order to be able to make statements about the sleep efficiency, the couple then had to carry out a simple intelligence test separately the next morning.

Even science has a summer slump. More and more results then flood the media, which otherwise hardly find their way into reporting. With the series "Summer Hole Today" we would like to present you with a selection. Klöch observed that women in particular slept much more restlessly when their partner was present. They were aware of this - they had already stated before that they would sleep better alone. The male subjects, on the other hand, were convinced that they found a more restful night's sleep with a bedmate. Kloesch was able to confirm that the men slept more peacefully than their fellow sleepers - but possibly not as deeply. This could explain why men performed significantly worse on the intelligence test after sleeping together than after a single night. In women, cognitive performance remained unaffected even after their lover was present at night.

During the night, physical closeness – and here the researcher not only examined sleeping next to each other, but also sleeping together – also has an effect on the ability to remember dreams. Men would primarily remember the dreams that come to them in their sleep after sex with their partner. The woman, on the other hand, becomes more aware of her dreams after a single night.

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