Nutrition: Saturated fat does damage quickly

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Nutrition: Saturated fat does damage quickly
Nutrition: Saturated fat does damage quickly

Saturated fat hurts fast

Even a meal with a high proportion of saturated fatty acids promotes inflammatory processes in the blood vessels, since the resulting amount of "bad" LDL cholesterol blocks the "good" HDL cholesterol. In addition, even a high-fat meal impairs the ability of the arteries to expand and thus, under certain circumstances, the adequate supply of blood to the tissue.

According to the findings of Stephen Nicholls from the Cevenland Clinic in Ohio and his colleagues, a meal with polyunsaturated fatty acids - for example from olive oil - is sufficient to achieve positive results: This increases the anti-inflammatory properties of HDL cholesterol is increased, which increases the protection of artery walls from inflammatory compounds and plaque build-up accordingly.

The effect of the two fatty acid types was tested on 14 subjects, each of whom was given a piece of carrot cake and a milkshake. But while one half was supplied with foods mixed with coconut oil and thus saturated fatty acids, the other half was given safflower oil. Blood pressure measurements and blood tests showed the influence of the different fatty acids just three hours after the single consumption.

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