Summer slump today: Muscular constraint endangers men

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Summer slump today: Muscular constraint endangers men
Summer slump today: Muscular constraint endangers men

Muscle compulsion endangers men

Even men sometimes feel pressured to adapt their bodies to an ideal set by the media or their personal environment.

Even science has a summer slump. More and more results then flood the media, which otherwise hardly find their way into reporting. With the series "Summer Hole Today" we would like to present you with a selection. In order to live up to this ideal of an Adonis who is as muscular, washboard-bellied and thick-armed as possible, they can develop eating disorders or feel compelled to take steroids. Also, sensitive individuals are more likely to over-exercise weightlifting in the gym, warns research by Ohio State University's Tracy Tylka. Their survey of 285 students revealed that the more often men's physique was criticized by partners or family and counterexamples were presented to them by the media, the greater the tendency to risky muscle building.

However, there are different characteristics: If the men - or those around them - complained about their muscular system, they tended to exercise excessively, ate protein supplements or thought about anabolic steroids. On the other hand, if they felt overweight, they were more likely to develop eating disorders that are typical of women, such as bulimia or anorexia. So far, however, much less attention has been paid to these problems in men, according to Tylka.

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